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Command and control - This is No Ordinary Vehicle it is a Command Capability

Providing the latest technology to support modern fleet requirements is essential – the challenge with vehicle solutions such as command and control units is the ability to provide the benefits of a modern day vehicle whilst maintaining the integrity of the operational role and primary command and control functionality.
We deliver tailored and scalable Technology. Inclusive of system integration and services which is installed and supported within World Leading Vehicle Conversions.
We supply an end-to-end holistic solution, and in today’s world we ensure that incident command is blending communications through our hybrid technology solutions, so everyone deployed has a 360 view of an incident from Command & Control through to personnel deployed in buildings, across the ground and in areas not accessible by vehicles via live video, voice and data streaming. No one, ever, is in the dark.
Our end-to-end Command & Control solutions support multi-agency collaboration, interoperability and situational awareness. The UK and Global first responder sectors are facing unprecedented pressures to implement lessons learned and recommendations at a local and national level. The need to collate, analyse and share accurate, reliable and near real time information with incident commanders, Strategic Coordination Groups and supporting agencies has never been more prevalent.
The requirement for reliable communications, situational awareness and emerging technologies, such as drones, body worn cameras and dynamic incident management platforms are growing, therefore digital adoption is becoming a prerequisite to improve public safety, response and decision making.


The joint command unit provides a base for commanders when in attendance at large scale events or major incidents.
All of Excelerate’s integrated technologies have been designed to facilitate joint working while enhancing operational efficiency, further supporting resilience for Northamptonshire’s incident response capability and ensuring successful and efficient business continuity.


The Ambulance Trust’s existing Incident Command Unit was due for replacement. The decision was made to upgrade to a much larger vehicle to ensure all key partners involved in managing the incident could essentially have a ‘seat at the table’ with up-to-date, reliable information to hand for improved cooperation. Excelerate provided a state-of-the-art integrated vehicle solution to replace this, meeting all of their operational requirements. The ICU takes all the functionality of a fixed base HQ out to the operational environment and enables the command structure to operate remotely.




Hamad Medical is leading the world in placing connectivity at the heart of its digital transformation strategy, enabling the best use of current and future technologies to improve command and control, situational awareness and ultimately patient care.
Hamad Medical’s 220-strong fleet of smart ambulances features robust connectivity and the ability to generate Wi-Fi networks to support paramedics working outside. A well-equipped ambulance today could potentially have up to eight different SIM cards for connected devices such as defibrillators, other medical equipment, body worn cameras and vehicle telematics. Excelerate’s Excell antenna, using one or two SIM cards installed on Hamad Medical’s smart ambulances, ensure the best performance within any cellular network by optimising the distance, speed and throughput of the connection. Reducing the number of SIM cards also saves cost.

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