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The development of the Excelerate Linx Hub originated from working with one of our customers, Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service (MWWF), as part of the response to the T20 Digital Transformation Programme.

The Linx Hub is our portable WI-FI hotspot that can easily be set up in any location, environment or terrain giving responders access to data transfer capabilities at an incident ground. Designed with mobility in mind, the unit’s numerous features can vastly improve the connectivity in a wide range of situations. This was a key aspect of what Steve McLinden, Project Lead on the T20 Digital Transformation Project, was looking to achieve.

We know whatever we design now we will need future iterations of it to meet the changing needs.

Steve McLinden
Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service – Transformation 2020 Programme Lead
Mid and West Wales Fire required a solution that created a network infrastructure that allowed data to be transmitted remotely and securely whilst on the fire ground.

Having already worked with us to deliver their Incident Command Unit (ICU), the Linx Hub was developed to work in conjunction with the technology in their ICU and fit seamlessly within their existing connectivity solution. The portability of the Linx Hub enables it to be deployed quickly in an incident ground as a communication resource when the ICU is not there. If and when the ICU becomes part of the response, applications can seamlessly switch over to the ICU solution.

Should the ICU or any vehicle be unable to reach an incident ground, the Linx Hub enables First Responders, Incident Commanders and attending crew to access the data and applications they require to manage the situation effectively without the need for additional equipment. The portable design allows teams to access connectivity in far more remote locations that previously possible. It also supports multi-agency collaboration, allowing additional response teams to connect and access the applications they require.

Steve McLinden talks about the relationship and the development of the Linx Hub here.

As a forward-thinking technology company, our internal research and development team continually work to improve products so that they are future proof for our customers and offer them the best solution to their changing needs.

The benefits the Linx Hub combined with the future proof technology made this product compatible with the goals of the T20 Transformation programme and led us to deliver a simple and reliable connectivity solution.