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Audio Visual Management Systems

Excelerate Marine can enhance your sensory experience through the installation of the latest audio-visual equipment and put you in control. From audio settings through to controlling the blinds, everything can be managed through a state-of-the art RTI panel, including world-renowned brands such as Crestron AV management systems.
We are a Crestron Systems Technician Partner.

The holistic viewing experience:

The size of yacht may determine the number of screens on board, but by working with Excelerate Marine for refits, upgrades and installation, you’ll benefit from a holistic approach putting you in control of everything.



IPTV is the ideal solution for yacht owners, so you can stay connected to your favourite series, films and entertainment with our IPTV solutions. Using either cellular or satellite networks, our IPTV solutions allow you to stream media on a range of devices, from smart phones and tablets to TVs and laptops. With Excelerate Marine’s reliable connectivity, you can stream both live and on-demand sports, programmes and films.

Sky TV Packages

Regardless of location, we can supply you with access to any Sky package – and for all global regions.
Make sure you’re ready to stream the latest hit movie, big match or enjoy the Monaco Grand Prix with your guests safe in the knowledge that Excelerate Marine has upgraded your systems to offer seamless and uninterrupted viewing, from the Med to the Caribbean.

Onboard Health Checks

We offer a no-obligation onboard ‘health check’ with a complete technology audit, including VSAT / TVRO, audio visual and for your navigational systems. We specify, supply and install the hardware with our project managers, so the installation runs smoothly, on time and within budget. We are committed to providing you with the best VSAT solution for your specific yacht