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Video Technology and Streaming Solutions

Experience the Ease, Freedom and Security
of our Exstream Range

As the yachting world becomes increasingly more connected, the ability to securely manage and stream video is playing a greater role.

Our ExStream Video Eco-System and Service enables the connection of multiple camera applications and includes the ability to securely manage user settings and access to streams.

ExStream can simultaneously display, record, review and export images and remote streams from multiple locations and devices.


  • Customise and Configure  user management, streaming options and security features
  • Seamlessly integrate it within  software applications of your choice.
  • Footage can be accessed in real-time by  authorised users and devices either remotely or onboard. The footage captured is can also be stored so that it can be accessed in the future.:
  • Hosted within ISO27001 Dual Resilient Datacentres
  • Delivered by an Approved Cyber Essential Plus Accredited
  •  Locally viewed, recorded, and played back simultaneously.
  • Streamed via any connectivity bearer to any authorised remote location/device.
  • Configured within third party software/management systems.