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Excell – Cellular optimisation antenna

From Shore to Sea – LTE

When it comes to 4G LTE connectivity we all want one thing – a guaranteed connection.
Excell Redefines the 4G Experience – no antenna is equal.

Priority to the best performing cellular

Excell is a specialised, electronically steered beam switching antenna that combines the benefits of an omni-directional and directional antenna into ONE.
Excell prioritises YOU on the network, even when all other networks are struggling to supply coverage.
The solution powers the 4G LTE signal towards the direction of the cellular mast, meaning users can experience dramatically improved internet connectivity – improving performance including range, upload speed and throughput across any environment.

4G LTE connectivity that really goes the distance

Connectivity to a cellular network is not as easy as you think. When you join on your phone or any device, you are put into a group based on your performance on the network. If you’re at the periphery of the cell (likely when you are cruising out to sea) you’re having a negative impact on that cell as a whole. If you’re inside a structure i.e. a yacht you’re potentially causing a problem to the network.
With Excell, you have an antenna which ensures the best possible position in the network – meaning you are higher up the priority and get a better service as a result.

Enhanced onboard connectivity

Whether installed as a standalone system or integrated with your onboard IT network and multi-wan router Excell, always gains the best cellular connection, to any available network, without any need for boosting or amplification – which also means it complies with all standards without the requirement for any special licencing or approvals.

4G EXTRA - The Best Coverage from all the Major European Networks in a Single SIM

Excelerate’s 4G Extra SIM has no priority network and will seamlessly switch to the best available connection for increased coverage, and performance.

Hybrid Connectivity

Excelerate’s Multi-Network Connectivity Ecosystem ensures a consistent, reliable internet connection onboard, at all times. By utilising a mix of cellular, satellite WIFI, WAN or any other bearer that is available, all users and devices onboard can connect to the internet seamlessly. Having the load spread across multiple connections, maximises the available speed, bandwidth and throughput whilst ensuring no single point of failure. Therefore, even if a network becomes congested or unavailable, you will remain online and get the best connectivity experience possible.

Onboard Health Checks

We offer a no-obligation onboard ‘health check’ with a complete technology audit, including VSAT / TVRO, audio visual and for your navigational systems. We specify, supply and install the hardware with our project managers, so the installation runs smoothly, on time and within budget. We are committed to providing you with the best VSAT solution for your specific yacht.

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