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No ordinary onboard mediator

This is SatMax, the onboard system designed to overcome the boundaries and limitations of off-shore coverage.
SatMax makes switching VSAT and TVRO antennas fast and easy for yachts carrying multiple antennas connected to multiple satellites.
Whether you are looking to upgrade your hardware, or you are considering changing airtime providers, we are here to help.

Navigate your connectivity with ONE touch

SatMax is an all-in-one solution that combines the benefits of a Mediator/Arbitrator, Satellite TV Distribution and VSAT Multi-beam Mediator into a single, simple to use App.
SatMax gives the user visability and control over multiple TVRO and VSAT antenna connections and automates any need for switching between them – providing seamless coverage and connectivity automatically. Users can also use the App to manually switch connections, taking time and hassle out of changing networks.
Designed to be compatible with all leading brand manufacturers, our team are enhancing the control and functionality of both TVRO and VSAT solutions.

Example configuration

The SatMax App is simple to use and requires no I.T skills to operate and delivers a visual display of the onboard antenna configuration & status of each connection, real-time tracking and visual identification of the heading of the yacht, satellite direction and signal indication of the installed antenna.
SatMax connects to the yachts gyrocompass and GPS, to calculate and display the bearing.
The below example has been configured for a yacht with one VSAT antenna, two TVRO antennas and multiple TV decoders.

The interface gives a visual identification of ‘mast blockage’ letting you know which antenna is experiencing line-of-sight issues.

Need to switch to another network?
SatMax allows users to manually select which available networks you would like to use.

Case study

Our team installed SatMax onboard Princess AVK, a 48 Metre Sunseeker Motor Yacht based in the South of France to overcome line-of-sight issues and make switching networks simple.
Princess AVK has two VSAT antennas, one on Ka networks and one on Ku networks, and two TVRO antennas, all of which can be controlled and managed via the App.

Tailored to your needs

Whether you have a single VSAT and TVRO antenna or multiples of both, our team can customise SatMax around your requirements.

Onboard Health Checks

We offer a no-obligation onboard ‘health check’ with a complete technology audit, including VSAT / TVRO, audio visual and for your navigational systems. We specify, supply and install the hardware with our project managers, so the installation runs smoothly, on time and within budget. We are committed to providing you with the best VSAT solution for your specific yacht