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Enhance the guest experience at the touch of a button

YachtComm is a powerful guest services system that combines call buttons with a simple-to-operate user interface. It revolutionises onboard efficiency by enabling crew members to respond promptly to guest requests, ensuring a seamless and smooth operation while enhancing the overall guest experience.

Visual confirmation

Once pressed, a discreet LED light embedded in the call button flashes to inform guests that their request has been received and is in the process of being fulfilled. This visual confirmation adds an extra layer of assurance, letting guests know that dedicated crew members are on their way to attend to their needs.

Putting guests in control

The YachtComm Guest Interface allows guests to select from a range of pre-programmed requests. Whether it’s a cup of coffee, housekeeping, or a visit from the steward, guests can effortlessly communicate their preferences for an even more personalised experience.

Streamlined workflows

Crew members can acknowledge guest requests via the YachtComm Crew Interface. The interface pinpoints the exact location where the call button was pressed, enhancing coordination between crew members, eliminating unnecessary steps, and speeding up the process.
Crew members can send alerts and messages via the interface to the radio of the appropriate team member to inform them of the request. They can also select from user groups to ensure that only the right messages and alerts go to the right team, significantly reducing the amount of traffic going over radio.

Enhanced communication

YachtComm integrates communication channels, combining both calls and texts from authorised devices with radio communication, making it even easier for crew members to relay important messages.

Crew member visualisation

YachtComm seamlessly connects with the yacht’s chart plotter system, enabling a precise visualisation of the crews position (when not onboard) to be displayed on the vessel’s navigation screen.
This centralises the information, making it easily accessible and ensures that assistance can be readily available when needed. It proves especially beneficial when guests are traveling via tender or are accompanied by crew on the mainland. Additionally, this feature adds an extra layer of safety and security.
The information can also be accessed via any other authorised devices including smartphones and tablets for added convenience.

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