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LINX HUB – portable WIFI Hotspot


Take it with you, press one button, and you are connected – anywhere.

Excelerate’s Linx Hub is fast becoming a ‘must have’ for yacht owners, captains and crew across the globe wanting seamless and flexible connectivity, on the go.

Designed to overcome connectivity issues & Built to deliver a portable WIFI hot spot in some of the most remote and harshest of terrains.
Its application and potential for the yachting industry now far outstrips anything that has come before.

At A Glance

Designed with mobility in mind the system has been designed with world class technology, automation and user functionality.Linx Hub is a rugged portable Wi-Fi hotspot that can be easily carried, transferred and set up in any location, environment or terrain.
What’s included:
Integrated: An end-end connectivity eco-system:
  • 4G LTE & 5G Options inclusive of cellular bonding
  • Dual Sim – Seamlessly Connect and roam across multiple Networks. From Public cellular through to Private & secure Non-Terrestrial Networks the Two embedded  sim slots  improve coverage and reliability for all your connected devices and applications.Choose to embed your own sims or enhance your cellular coverage and connection with our Fully managed Un-steered Roaming service, 4GEXtra.
  • WiFi – Secure and Seamless Connectivity for devices and applications.
  • Built in LAN and WAN ethernet ports for fast and flexible data transfer
  • Plug-In’s for Satellite Backhaul
  • The Freedom and simplicity of Power
    One Button operation- Simply ON.
    Plug in, charge and power with 12VDC or 240VAC options
    Portability with the In-built 8 battery
  • Touch Screen Interface
    Simply Control and Manage the Network,  Bandwidth, Data Usage and User groups
    Display and Control Your Network,  Prioritise and Manage data usage and user groups.
    Control and Tailor lighting.
  • Location Monitoring & tracking
    Inclusive of a secure assisted GPS location service.
    Hosted within our ISO27001 datacentres, It provides more accurate and secure data as well as giving you the freedom and security to integrated the location data within applications of your choice- on the bridge for Captains, perhaps?
  • LED lighting
    With Touch screen control panel, Custom colour and status options
    Range of lighting pre-sets for alerts and enhanced visibility