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All Aboard Reliability & Coverage

The need for reliable and seamless connectivity across destinations like the Med and the Caribbean is imperative to stay safe, comfortable, and of course, entertained is essential for any yacht.
With over 20 years’ experience providing VSAT solutions, you can rest assured you are working with a partner that has your best interests and the industry knowledge to ensure you’re connected now and in the future.
Whether you are looking to upgrade your hardware, or you are considering changing airtime providers, we are here to help.

Unbeatable Coverage

We ensure you get the quality of service that you would expect from your VSAT provider and deliver connectivity across both Ku and Ka networks. Our coverage extends from the Med to the Caribbean – perfect for dual season yachts.
For added resilience, yachts on our Multi-Beam Network are connected to one main beam and at least one other beam to overcome any line-of-sight issues ensuring ‘always on’ connectivity. Discover more here

Flexible Tariffs for all Seasons

We pride ourselves on being able to offer ultimate choice and flexibility to keep you, your guests and crew connected.
Our VSAT packages are tailored around your individual needs with no long-term contracts or unfair penalties. We manage our network in real-time and can increase your bandwidth should you ever need it, such as when you have guests onboard or pause your service when off season or if the yacht is in the shipyard
Get a copy of our latest tariffs here

TV & Entertainment

Sailing the seas shouldn’t mean missing out on your favourite TV, movies or entertainment. You can watch both live and on-demand media through our VSAT/TVRO solutions and enjoy clear, uninterrupted programming.
Discover more here

Hardware & Installation

As experts in system integration, we collaborate with our customers to deliver state of the art solutions to meet their exact needs. From sailing vessels, cabin cruisers to superyachts, our team of experienced engineers can specify and install the right solution for you.

Hybrid Connectivity

Excelerate’s Multi-Network Connectivity Ecosystem ensures a consistent, reliable internet connection onboard, at all times. By utilising a mix of cellular, satellite WIFI, WAN or any other bearer that is available, all users and devices onboard can connect to the internet seamlessly. Having the load spread across multiple connections, maximises the available speed, bandwidth and throughput whilst ensuring no single point of failure. Therefore, even if a network becomes congested or unavailable, you will remain online and get the best connectivity experience possible.

Fully Managed Service from our Network Operations Centre

Our team controls, monitors, and manages multiple satellite networks in real time and provides remote support, diagnostics, and correction of any issues from our network operations centre. In the event that you need support, we manage everything remotely and if needs be, we will be waiting for you next time you moor up.

Excelerating Toward a Better Experience, a Captain’s Story

We caught up with Captain Julian Sincock to hear about his experience with Excelerate so far and his future requirements. Julian is the Captain of busy charter yacht Princess AVK, a 48 Metre Sunseeker Motor Yacht based in the South of France –

Onboard Health Checks

We offer a no-obligation onboard ‘health check’ with a complete technology audit, including VSAT / TVRO, audio visual and for your navigational systems. We specify, supply and install the hardware with our project managers, so the installation runs smoothly, on time and within budget. We are committed to providing you with the best VSAT solution for your specific yacht