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Yacht Automation Systems

Industry leading automation systems

Transform your vessel into a smart yacht by incorporating features such as multi-room audio, dynamic lighting control, CCTV and much more.
Our engineering team can design and build bespoke solutions customised around your individual needs using top brands like Crestron. The possibilities are limitless – virtually any device equipped with an on/off switch can be seamlessly integrated for added luxury and convenience onboard.

Onboard internet

Having reliable and high-speed internet onboard offers a myriad of benefits that enhance the overall experience for both guests and crew.
Excelerate specialise in delivering seamless hybrid connectivity solutions that enable guests to stay connected to work, family and friends. We guarantee to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of modern travellers who expect the same connectivity experience onboard as they enjoy at home.


Our expertly integrated entertainment systems incorporate the latest technology from trusted brands including Apple, Sonos, Samsung and more, for the ultimate guest experience.
Guests can effortlessly watch live sports, stream their favourite movies and TV shows, or listen to the latest chart toppers with minimal effort.

Mood and ambience

Effortlessly tailor lighting, temperature and more at the touch of a button for enhanced comfort and convenience.
Crew members can efficiently manage these elements to create an environment tailored to guest preferences, contributing to a more immersive experience.

Streamlined guest services

YachtComm is a powerful guest services system that combines call buttons with a simple-to-operate user interface.
It revolutionises onboard efficiency by enabling crew members to respond promptly to guest requests, ensuring a seamless and smooth operation while enhancing the overall guest experience.

CCTV and security

Our CCTV systems allow instant access to live video feeds from multiple cameras strategically placed throughout the vessel. Authorised personnel can also login and view the feeds remotely.
This allows for continuous monitoring of all crucial areas, promoting proactive security measures and response to any potential issues.

Expert systems integration

Our engineering team can design, build, and install custom racks tailored to the unique dimensions of your vessel. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our team ensures that every inch of available space is optimised for efficiency and aesthetics.

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