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UHF real-time tracking

Look after your tenders and toys with UHF real-time tracking

Ensure the well-being of your guests, crew, and the security of your assets with our innovative UHF tracking system. Our solution delivers a live visualisation of your water toys, tenders, radios, and any other asset from the chart plotter for improved safety and peace of mind.
The information can also be accessed via any other authorised devices including smartphones and tablets for added convenience.

Efficient coordination for seamless guest experiences

The UHF tender tracking system allows crew members to visually track the location of any asset, with a quick glance at the chart plotter or via a smartphone or tablet.
This simplifies managing guest movements and is especially beneficial when guests are travelling via tender or are accompanied by crew on the mainland. Not only does it reduce radio traffic but also streamlines coordination between crew members, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Elevating safety and security standards

The benefits of UHF tracking extend beyond convenience. The added awareness of the location of tenders and other expensive water toys in real-time contributes to improved security, and safety on the yacht.
Crew members can stay proactive in managing potential risks and respond promptly to any emerging situations.

Above and beyond GPS: instantaneous real-time positioning

Unlike traditional GPS, where location updates might require external services, Excelerate’s UHF tender tracking offers instantaneous real-time positioning.
In the unfortunate event that a water toy or other asset goes missing, every moment counts. UHF tender tracking enables the immediate identification of the asset’s location, saving valuable time and enhancing the likelihood of retrieving the asset.

Seamless integration

Excelerate’s UHF tracking system seamlessly integrates with the YachtComm guest services system, creating a cohesive yacht management experience, and further optimises onboard efficiency.

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