Excelerate’s latest innovation Excell, enhances the range of mobile internet connectivity on-board. The antenna system enables high speeds and improved reliability via cellular networks
and is optimized for long-range access delivering enhanced connectivity off-shore.

Key Features

Lightweight and Suitable for Yachts of all sizesexcell antenna

Excell can work as a stand-alone solution for smaller yachts or as part of a bonded solution for larger yachts with existing 4G and Satellite Communications.

Significantly Enhance the Range of Cellular Connectivity

Excell can significantly enhance the range of the data sims on-board in every direction – this includes whilst at sea or along the coastline.

Faster Data Speeds Within the Network Coversge Area

By having Excell on-board, your yacht will be able to achieve faster data speeds in more areas within the network coverage area than yachts without it.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer ultimate choice and flexibility in mobile connectivity and can deliver extended range and better performance to off-shore environments – all of which has been tried & tested on-board our demo yacht M/Y Excelerate Z.