A personal message from Group Executive Chairman, David Savage

David Savage Excelerate MarineIn the world of technology things move and change fast and so for me, every year feels like a new beginning. It is important that whilst we embrace and indeed are part of forcing these changes, we also keep our feet on the ground which is why this year we feature two things heavily on our website.

One, a few more testimonials from the people who matter most, our customers – we trebled our satellite broadband and 4G customer base in 2018 so we are doubling our satellite capacity for the 2019 Summer Season which means faster speeds and more competitive pricing as well as the ability to accommodate even more yachts on our network whilst being able to guarantee network quality and availability. All of our captains took the opportunity of giving their owners and guests significantly faster and better internet connectivity without significant additional cost – value is in our DNA.

Secondly we’ve included more information about our own yacht M/Y Excelerate Z which our team have done a fantastic job upgrading. I think it is massively important that we demonstrate that it is relatively easy and cost effective to transform older production yachts as there are so many of them out there. The great thing is you can do this in stages but I am overjoyed at the difference it’s made and of course as we said in the beginning, it means we can let captains and owners try the things we do whilst visualising the difference on their own yachts. It also means we can develop and test ideas on ourselves rather than on our customers.



Lastly I want us to grow by being different and I think this is helped by Excelerate continuing to be an Inventor, a Developer, an Integrator, a Maintainer and a Network Operator with end-to-end solutions. Think of it as a ‘Technological Jigsaw’ where you can obtain just one piece or the whole jigsaw but with the same consistency and care across the board.

The Excelerate Team are at your disposal.