Leading marine technology partner, Excelerate Marine, has been named the winner of the ‘Best Exterior Technology’ award at this year’s Superyacht Technology Awards, in Barcelona.

This win, presented as part of the Superyacht Technology Conference 2021, supports Excelerate Marine’s growth in the marine technology market this year, where its ubiquitous connectivity solutions have been benefitting sectors ranging from luxury and leisure, to fishing operations, and marine search & rescue where failsafe connectivity is of the highest priority.

The company also had submissions in the Most Innovative Products Award with its LINX Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot, portable ExStream UAV streaming solution, Excell 4G Optimising Antenna, DDMI Yacht Connectivity Manager, SatMax Universal VSAT and TVRO mediator and its UK based enhanced resilience streaming and cloud services.

David Savage, CEO and founder, commented: “We are thrilled to have been awarded the Superyacht Technology Best External Technology Award and it is a testament to our continued growth in the marine sector.

“Excelerate Marine wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without our team, customers, and partners, who work tirelessly to ensure that our products and services are the best they can possibly be in any scenario and in any location.

“At the conference, we received some great feedback on our success in the first responder sector and how the innovation and progress we’ve been successful with is having a positive impact in the superyacht market where, for different reasons, resilient, stable, and fast connectivity is absolutely paramount.

“Our sights are firmly set on the future, where we will look to continue expanding our maritime capabilities and carry on providing innovative solutions to the varying sectors where functionality hinges critically on always-on connectivity.”