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Hybrid Connectivity

Hybrid Connectivity

In today’s world, many of us use apps and cloud-based services and rely heavily on the internet. We are also more mobile, working remotely from fixed based locations.

Excelerate specialises in connectivity challenged mobile environments, providing a range of vehicle and portable based connectivity hubs to overcome a variety of challenges to deliver effective services and improve the reliability of real-time data transfer.

We ensure our products are simple to use - taking the ‘iPhone approach’ - by making complex technology solutions easy to use and operate.

We have been delivering hybrid connectivity solutions for the past 20 years, enabling seamless connectivity across multiple bearers. Often our role as a specialist systems integrator is to develop the technology into a reliable and usable package for a specific user or market requirement.

Hybrid Connectivity for vehicles and fleets 

Fire & Rescue

Excelerate supports a number of Fire and Rescue Service customers with scalable and reliable connectivity solutions. A perfect example of this is the work Excelerate carried out alongside Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service (MAWWFRS).

MAWWFRS needed to vastly improve situational awareness and be able to reliably track personnel – including location within a building or when deployed at a whole host of incidents – from industrial and forest fires through to water rescue operations.

One clear issue, which has been brought into sharp contrast with events such as the Manchester Arena bombing and the Grenfell Tower fire, was that post-incident enquiries had focused on weaknesses in communications.
Therefore, the ability to seamlessly receive and share real-time data and operational information to support decision-making has become even more critical, as has the availability of a network infrastructure within these environments to enable instantaneous live feeds, and the relay and sharing of data – including live voice and video.
A further challenge the service wanted to address was the ability to take the technology, and the network infrastructure, ‘beyond the vehicle’. In essence, it required a non-fixed and flexible ‘connectivity anywhere’ solution to be able to be deployed anywhere on the ground.
Excelerate worked in partnership to deliver a fully connected and integrated solution, this included the Linx Hub, which is now being utilised across other emergency services and first responder customers globally.
In delivering MAWWFRS’s connected fleet solution of 53 vehicles, some of the capabilities now being deployed – and indeed with other services – include fully connected command support units, pumping, aerial and specialist appliances, officers’ cars, SRT water response vehicles, turntable ladders and additional support vehicles.

Ambulance & Health

Ambulance & Health

There now exists an ever-increasing requirement to connect medical teams and care professionals to the technology and applications to provide an integrated approach. This ensures improved patient care and outcomes, and a reduction in hospital conveyances, more rapidly through technologies such as real-time video, remote diagnostics and the sharing of electric patient records.
One of Excelerate’s customers, Hamad Medical, is leading the world in placing connectivity at the heart of its digital transformation strategy, enabling the best use of current and future technologies to improve command and control, situational awareness and ultimately patient care.
Its 220-strong fleet of smart ambulances and command vehicles features robust connectivity and the ability to support paramedics across a variety of operational deployments. This will include the World Cup 2022 in Qatar.
And this is not uncommon now in the UK. Working in collaboration with many NHS Ambulance Trusts and private ambulance and healthcare organisations such as SPRINT, BEARS and the Satellite Applications Catapult Healthy Living Lab, we are demonstrating how connectivity can be maintained as paramedics move from the vehicle, across land and where necessary, through the hospital doors.

Police – technology behind the scenes of operational deployments 


One of the biggest challenges police forces tell us they face is the ability to provide their police officers with a reliable and robust network infrastructure to communicate effectively. Most commonly, this will be at a pre-planned event such as a festival, major sporting event or a global summit, or when deployed at a spontaneous and complex incident.
Excelerate is supporting a growing number of forces across the UK to provide Real time bodyworn and UAV streaming solutions and connected vehicles such as operational support units and CCTV vans in addition to mobile deployable connectivity hubs. These range from portable WIFI hotspots, such as the Linx Hub, through to Private LTE hubs which do not rely on terrestrial infrastructure.
It’s becoming ever more crucial that operational police teams have the flexibility to deploy anywhere from a field (where limited or no communications exist) or at public events where congestion of the cellular networks can often impact operations. This is why we are increasingly supporting major events, such as G7 and the NATO Summit where connectivity infrastructures are designed to keep the public and operational personal safe, and why we are increasingly working collaboratively with the likes of Thames Valley Police, Gwent Police, and Police Scotland to ensure they have the products and solutions to enable failsafe communication of data, including voice and live video.
For instance, we have enabled reliable streaming of drone footage, via our ExStream UAV Streamers, from off-site operations to multiple devices and command centres for Police Scotland, solving a long-term issue in drone operations where normally, only the drone operator can view the feed.
Products supporting these programmes include Excell [link to Excell page], our 4G optimisation antenna and flat-panel satellite technology [link to Kymeta page] which are fully integrated, which seamlessly connect across the multiple bearers as part of a vehicle-based connectivity eco-system.

Products supporting these programmes

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