This January, the technical team from Excelerate Group based in the UK joined their South of France based maritime colleagues on-board M/Y Excelerate Z to assist with testing and recommending her continuing communications & entertainment services upgrade.

Excelerate 4G & Satellite Communications

The team took M/Y Excelerate Z on a journey out to sea and between St Tropez and Monaco to test 4G speeds and connectivity.  Excelerate supply 4G solutions in its core government business where failure is not an option – the same principle applies to its private yachting customers.

“It really is great to say to our Captain – take her out as far as you can go and try to lose 4G whilst measuring performance in real-time. When we say it works or out-performs other 4G solutions, we can prove and show that it does” said David Savage, Group Executive Chairman.  

“4G is really important for connectivity on-board a yacht, but because there are still significant geographical areas where there is no 4G and never will be, to achieve a guaranteed broadband connection an element of satellite broadband is also required, however we recognise that this recommended combination of 4G and VSAT doesn’t suit everyone’s preferences or budgets so we have to strive to improve 4G as well”

The team tested speeds on both of Excelerate’s Ka & Ku satellite networks separately as well as bonded and enhanced and achieved consistent super-fast speeds of between 20 and 30Mb/s down x 10Mb/s up throughout the Med.

“We offer a tailored service that is not only scalable and personal to individual yachts, but also changeable in real-time as a yacht’s circumstances change. This is available through seasonal and usage variations without customers having to be in a long-term contract”

TV & Entertainment Services

New, HD and UHD TV’s have been installed on-board M/Y Excelerate Z and SKY HD which provides all SKY TV channels as well as all downloadable and catch up services including BBC iPlayer with the ability to record all BBC and ITV Terrestrial services whilst watching other channels.

The importance of connectivity for everything from business applications to social media, entertainment and downloadable or streaming content has never been so crucial and it is set to increase. Most owners wouldn’t know if there was enough oil in the engines but they know instantly when they have no or poor connectivity and their reactions are at best of annoyance – and this is resolvable and avoidableSavage say’s “and it costs less than most people think”

Are You Ready for Next Season?

The winter refit season is here so If you are experiencing substandard on-board connectivity, now is the time to reconsider providers.