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Our satellite broadband and wireless voice, video, data and internet solutions deliver vastly improved levels of command communications, real time sharing of critical information and more effective and efficient management of a major incident or large-scale event.

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Camera solutions: Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

We help Police Forces expand their real-time intelligence networks within minutes by providing mobile monitoring and detection solutions linked via satellite broadband. This enables additional support to rapidly deployable and existing fixed site ANPR and other camera resources. Police Forces can identify more suspect vehicles, verify the details of their occupants and intercept suspects quicker than ever before.

Excelerate Technology has delivered a robust solution that gives Police officers real-time access to the same applications they would get back at headquarters – but out on the road, using fast, powerful mobile satellite broadband running on unmarked Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) vehicles and command & control units. This means officers can make the best use of their time, spend more time out on important deployments while still keeping on top of their admin and communications.

Using mobile cameras linked to an ANPR system, the technology provided by Excelerate allows continual scanning of number plates with data immediately sent back via mobile satellite broadband to a range of local and national criminal intelligence databases. If the number plate appears on a hot list, an alarm registers on-screen in the unmarked ANPR vehicle and a second Police car is sent to intercept the suspect vehicle, and if necessary apprehend its occupants.

By being able to immediately identify suspect vehicles entering or travelling through their counties, Police forces are now able to apprehend suspect vehicles within a few minutes of being identified, something that wouldn’t have previously been possible if there was no fixed site resource in place at the specific location chosen.

Excelerate also supplies the Police with a variety of other communications solutions including command and control vehicle technology and camera solutions.



A UAV Streamer can:

  • Add value to your existing UAV solution
  • Enhance situational awareness
  • Improve operational outcomes

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