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Private and secure communications

LTE (long term evolution) is a well proven, leading-edge communications technology that we have developed into a high performing solution, enabling real time data, video and voice transfer at deployments.

The RapidNET LTE network allows the connection of LTE enabled and compatible devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, cameras and MI-Fi devices. The solution instantaneously creates an automatic network in every direction (1000m open, 500m structural range), and can facilitate live video, voice and data streams within an incident ground and onward transmission to approved locations via secure access to the internet.

Flexible deployment for all environments

RapidNET LTE enables higher sustained bandwidth across the coverage area and can be rack-mounted within a vehicle or integrated into a portable solution providing complete versatility.


Rack-mounted version onboard Command and Control Vehicle

Enhanced and Extended Communication

Data shared across the RapidNET LTE network can also be shared externally if required. RapidNET LTE can be configured with our Multi-WAN (Wide Area Network) router allowing connectivity to cellular networks and any other connected WAN’s (Wide Area Network) including both our Enhanced Resilience Satellite Network (KU band) and our SuperSat (KA band) satellite offerings.


Excelerate’s RapidNET LTE solution is currently supporting a wide range of applications



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