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We built our reputation upon providing satellite broadband, and it has revolutionised all aspects of critical communications for a wide range of organisations.

The reason for this is simple – satellite broadband delivers guaranteed communications in areas where no terrestrial communications services exist, may be congested, under threat or suffering from disruption.

Delivering tailored solutions

We offer a range of static and fixed, vehicle mounted and portable satellite platforms suitable for a variety of applications and environments where fast deployment is essential.
Over the years, we have invested heavily within our satellite service provision.

Excelerate’s end to end provision is a fully managed 24/7/365 offering inclusive of network and security services, and technical support. With our own dedicated in-house service & maintenance provision we can retain control of our operations, as well as maintain the consistency of the service we deliver. It also provides our customers with a single point of contact.

Our hosted services, network and security benefits

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• We deliver a host of network services directly – non-third-party reliance and in-house expertise.

• Continuous monitoring and management of customer sites and connections.

• Proactive account management preventing loss or down-time for resilient/on demand applications.

• Operate, monitor, and manage network infrastructures across Ka, Ku and cellular services (model may vary depending on territory)

• Network design and implementation

• Remote diagnostics and correction

• 24 hour ‘always on’ approach

• Security by design philosophy, which reduces risk for our customers

• Network architecture designed to support security and operational environments

• Analyse and test risk in communications and equipment on suppliers and third parties

• Penetration testing

• Secure locations for service provisions

• Continuous monitoring for unusual activity to protect business and customers

• In-house security consultancy

• UK teleport partner leveraging level 4 security team and ISO27001 accreditation

• Follow best practice and security standards

• Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditation

Our Enhanced Resilient Satellite Network

Our fully managed Enhanced Resilience Satellite Network comprises of two satellites connected via two seamlessly interconnecting and resilient teleports within the UK. Each covers the same geographical area and uses the same technology platform meaning that if one should fail customers can be instantly moved onto the second network ensuring that the connection is never compromised.

KU Satellite Communications for maximum resilience

KU frequency is deliberately chosen for maximum resilience and enhanced performance in overcoming building reflections, adverse weather conditions or extreme environments.

We can increase bandwidth to support incident demand. our satellite capacity is not shared with third parties and cannot be commandeered by other operators or users under any circumstances.

Customers can therefore be reassured that their service provisions are continually met in line with operational and national resilience requirements.

All of this is managed securely, in real-time 24/7 via Excelerate’s privately managed Network Operations Centre, ensuring there cannot be one single point of failure in the connection to broadband.

Supporting UK emergency responders in the most extreme and adverse regional and national incidents

Our Enhanced Resilience Satellite Network (ERSN) is currently being used by Police, Fire and Ambulance daily for a wide range of incidents as well as pre-planned and protracted events where threats to public safety may be heightened.

KA Satellite Communications (SuperSat)

Do you need a high quality broadband connection wherever your location?

Our KA SuperSat vehicle-mounted, automatic satellite solution gives users 100% coverage across the UK & Europe, delivering guaranteed access to a full range of communications.

Our KA satellite provision provides a satellite broadband service of up to 10 Mbit/s download speeds and up to 4 Mbit/s upload speeds on Eutelsat’s low contended network and complements our ultra-resilient and highly robust Enhanced Resilience Satellite Network (KU Service) that has already proved to be successful across the emergency services to date.

Whilst designed to be robust enough to deal with exceptionally challenging environments, our KA Satellite Platform is also physically suited for use on smaller vehicles and is used widely in local service providers such as mobile libraries and community projects to security and transport & utilities. Our SuperSat hardware and airtime package is currently being utilised in oil & gas, utilities, local government, construction, security and more.

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