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Connected fleets and distribution

Connecting vehicles, from major distribution networks and hubs through to online vendors and just-in-time fresh food

The smooth running of transport and utility infrastructures is critical for all countries, and disruption from whatever cause – rail crashes, terror attacks, major accidents to maintenance of utility supplies – has a huge impact on people’s lives and the economy.

Satellite broadband, wireless video and private GSM networks deliver 100% reliability supporting transport agencies and utilities, regardless of location or complexity.

Satellite broadband can also be used to support transport police forces, vehicle, personnel and container monitoring at customs areas, ports and other secure entry points, linking on-the ground monitoring systems with back office systems, in real time.

Satellite broadband can deliver high bandwidth data, video, voice and remote access communications to and from any location; wireless, rapidly deployable cameras provide real time, high quality footage; and private GSM networks can be set up to ensure there are robust communications, even from within buildings, tunnels and underground areas where there is no line of sight.

Interoperable communications can be maintained using the PBX facility within the Digital Dashboard Management Interface, regardless of the communications devices and channels being used.



A UAV Streamer can:

      • Add value to your existing UAV solution
      • Enhance situational awareness
      • Improve operational outcomes

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