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Yacht Connectivity Manager


Our Yacht Connectivity Manager has been designed and developed by our in-house R&D and software team, integrating our patented DDMI interface. It combines all connectivity information into a single user interface accessed via PC, tablet or phone for simple improved data management and security.

It may not be a household name within the yachting industry yet, but with demand growing, it is now the ‘Go to Application’. Embedded within the products and solutions, we can customise applications for bespoke user requirements.

  • Real-time visualisation of how single or multiple VSAT and TV antennas are tracking
  • At a glance visual of connectivity status, including live connections across single or multiple bearers
  • Line of sight assistance with respective satellites, taking into account the yachts heading and onboard obstructions
  • Identification, assignment and performance of all available communications bearers (i.e. Multiple 4G SIMs, VSAT, L-band and Port Wi-Fi)
  • Real-time prioritisation and allocation of bandwidth -instantly assign or change the amount of available bandwidth to the owner, their guests or crew.

The system automates many functions meaning complicated technologies and actions are made simple, reducing the requirement for human intervention allowing our customers to focus on their primary duty on-board.


No IT experts are needed to operate our Digital Dashboard Management Interface (DDMI).

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